The Power Of Drum And Bugle Corps
In Pittsburgh, Pa.
Playing the music of the SCA Corps
f The 80's

Since 1991, the Steel City Ambassadors have not entered the field of competition as a DCA field corps.  For over a quarter of a century as a mini, alumni, and parade corps, it’s time for one of western Pennsylvania’s most storied marching units to re-enter the field of competition.  Beginning the summer of 2020, that is our goal!  THIS IS OUR DREAM!
    Current and past members of the corps are collaborating in order to realize this dream.  The identity is to remain consistent with the corps’ past while also building on its future.  SCA will keep its current parade corps, however, the corps will put a Class A corps on the field competing in DCA, back where they belong.  As many of the corps on this circuit tend to be younger groups, our goal is to have a large degree of the membership to be older with potential members exceeding junior corps ranks.  Just because you are older does not mean you are less talented.  It actually is contrary to that belief.  Whether you are 20, 30, 40 and even 50 plus, this activity is still for you.  What a better way to continue your musical career and get active at the same time.  This is not to say that high school students are not encouraged to participate, but it is our hope that from an age standpoint, we are not DCI-lite. 
    The activity has changed drastically in the past 30 years and never so much as in the past ten.  Trends have changed; however, there is a way to balance the blend of the past and the future.  Our goal the first year is to bridge SCA’s past to its future.  The colors will remain as well as embracing the ideals that built the corps many years ago.
Competing means more than fielding a corps; it means being competitive and with the ability to entertain drum corps fans. Equally as important is remaining a viable organization that is sustainable financially with a consistent membership base from year to year.
    Many of the corps in Class A, especially newer ones, have entered the field as smaller units, but our goal is to enter the field with at least 24 horns, 24 in the drumline, and to field a color guard that will have the talent and design necessary to sell us as an entire unit.
    As far as a competition schedule, it should be our goal to go to at least 6 shows plus DCA finals weekend.  As with most corps, parades and concerts will be the norm as well.
    In order to be at our best while maintaining a personal life outside of your drum corps life, it is imperative that you put in the work individually as well as trying to maintain a level of physical conditioning.  Remember, this is an all-age corps, not a traveling DCI corps. 
We want to do this right and not be hasty in fielding a corps before we are ready.  Steel City once had a great tradition and in no way should that tradition be tarnished.  To many of you who may not have been born when this corps last competed, you should know that this corps finished second in 1986 and fourth in 1987 during a span of time from 1983 through 1990, SCA made finals every year.
Steel was the undefeated Champions 3 years in a row in ICA.  Further, SCA performed in exhibition at the 1990 DCI finals in Buffalo.
  There were many people who put on a uniform for the corps who sacrificed many hours of sweat and yes, tears for the honor of wearing the black and gold.  For those still around, we are sure that they would want hear that familiar sound of a corps coming to attention by one solemn, singular word:  STEEL!  Let’s make that dream a reality with the goal of that first show in June, 2020 and hearing the PA announcer saying, “Now entering the field, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Steel City Ambassadors!
We will see you soon!

Steel City Members Playing The Last Concert Ever
At PPG Winter Garden

Steel City Ambassadors at a Memorial Day Parade

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