The Power Of Drum And Bugle Corps
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Playing the music of the SCA Corps
f The 80's

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If you're thinking of checking us out, come to our rehearsals.
New Rehearsal Location is:
Winchester Thurston School
555 Morewood Ave,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
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To verify rehearsal days and times please check out our Schedule page
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Things you might want to know

    About Us
    What is a Drum & Bugle Corps ?
    Who are Our Members ?
    We are looking for...
    What are the musical requirements ?
    Our membership consists of individuals who...
    What training is provided ?
    Rehearsals and Performances
    What does a typical season look like ?
    Concerned about commuting ?
    What are the financial obligations ?
    Why should I join the Steel City Ambassadors ?
    How can I become a member or find out more ?

For More Information

You can send an email to our Secretary Gréggoire Martello
for more information

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About us

The Steel City Ambassadors are an all-ages, self-supporting, non-competitive drum & bugle corps which had its first performance in 1980 as a Competition Drum and Bugle Corps.

Our performances fall into two categories:

Parades (our main source of revenue) and indoor and Outdoor concerts.

What is a Drum & Bugle Corps?

A Drum and Bugle corps (often shortened to "Drum Corps") is a musical marching unit
(similar to a marching band) consisting of brass instruments, percussion instruments,
and a color guard.

Our Brass Line uses 2 or 3-valve, "G" bugles.
The instruments used are: Soprano (trumpet),
Mellophone (similar to a marching French Horn),
Baritone (valve trombone)
Contrabass (tuba).

Our percussion section consists of Snare,Quads and Bass drums as well as Cymbals.

Who are our members

Our members vary in age from their late teens all the way to the eighty's.
Our membership includes representatives from many different corps and bands!
Our members enjoy playing music, entertaining others and the camaraderie of friends who share some of their interests.

Many of our members once marched in competitive corps.
Marching with us is a way to keep the passion alive without the physical and time commitments required in a competitive corps.

We are looking for
Marching members in all sections
Horn line:
Soprano (trumpet),

Mellophone (similar to a marching French Horn),

Baritone, (trombone or baritone)

Contrabass (tuba)

Drum line:
Snares, Bass, Quads, Cymbals

Color Guard: Flags, Rifles

Support staff (equipment, first aid or medical, copy writing, media relations,
photography, drivers, etc)

Playing members who are prepared to make a commitment to practice at home and attend a majority of the scheduled rehearsals.

What are the musical requirements?

Previous experience is NOT required. We have Instruments,
just bring a mouthpiece or sticks if you have them.
Don't worry about your skill level. At whatever level you start, you'll improve.
That's what happened with us!
In addition, when the Alumni Corps started, many of us had not played for quite a while.
Playing an instrument is like riding a bike, you may not have done it for a while,
but once you learn how, it will come back.
The "noise" at the beginning has become a sweet, balanced sound.
We've certainly come a long way!
Yes, it has taken a lot effort; however, with the help of our excellent instruction staff,
it's been very rewarding. And it’s been fun!
Warning: this could happen to you.

Our membership consists of individuals who

Are willing to learn, to contribute and to grow musically, regardless of their starting point

Have rudimentary music reading skills or are willing to develop them

Are prepared to make a commitment to practice at home and attend the scheduled rehearsals.

What training is provided?

Our horn and drum instructors are professional music educators.
Horn rehearsals begin with a warm-up which is really a mini group lesson.
During this time there will be breathing practices as well as exercises designed to develop and improve articulation, tone and range.

These exercises cover the fundamentals of playing a horn.
In addition, they give the corps member some actual experience and, often,
feedback from the instructor.
It is up to the individual to incorporate these lessons into their practice at home.

Rehearsals and Performances

We know that you want time for family and other obligations so our rehearsal schedule is light.

We usually have two Sunday rehearsals each month.
They normally start at 2:00 pm and end 6:00 pm

Indoor rehearsals are held at Winchester Thurston School.
Please visit our Schedule page to learn the dates of our rehearsals as well as directions.

We expect that members will do their utmost to attend the scheduled rehearsals

We expect members to practice at home, between rehearsals

We expect members to know their music when they come to rehearsals.
Usually our members use our MIDI practice files when they start to learn their music.

In case you're wondering, MIDI files are a web-based tool that allows one to listen to music and,
if desired, slow down or speed up the playback with the free Karaoke player.

The MIDI files and PDF Sheet Music files are on the Members Section of our website include complete scores as well as individual parts for all of our music.

We expect that members will endeavor to attend all scheduled performances

We hope our members will have fun and enjoying playing with us

If you would like to attend a rehearsal, please visit our Schedule page to learn the dates of our rehearsals.

What does a typical season look like?

Our season usually begins in November, with our Annual Open House.
The season normally ends with the annual Drum Corps Associates (DCA) Alumni Show which occurs on the Labor Day weekend.
We average about 12 Performances a year.

From November to September we usually have two rehearsals a month.
Exceptions may be made pending how the performance schedule works out.

During these rehearsals we will focus on refining the music which we will continue playing and learning new music which we are planning to use during the coming year.

Our First Parade of the year is usually March, St Patrick's Day   

Our first indoor performances are usually in late April or early May.

Concerned about commuting?

We have members who commute from various places, including;
All points around the Pittsburgh area

What are the financial obligations?

Yearly dues Seasonal (6months),$60 plus a one time cost $30 for uniform and $10 Hat.

The cost of gas to and from rehearsals and local performances.
Car-pooling is often used as a way to decrease costs.

Perhaps once a year we will take a longer bus trip which will necessitate a stay in a hotel.
Members will often share rooms to decrease their expenses.

Why should I join the Steel City Ambassadors ?

We enjoy it and we think that you will, too.
Of course, you'll also have an opportunity to learn musical skills or further develop those that you already have and you'll be entertaining others while traveling and making new friends.
Attending a rehearsal is a great way to get a feel for what we do.
Why not come to a rehearsal? The dates and locations of our rehearsals are posted on our
Schedule page.

How can I become a member or find out more ?

Email us with any questions you may have.
We always look forward to connecting with people who have an interest in Drum Corps.
Please feel free to contact us and express your interest.

To get a close-up look at us, you are always welcome to attend one of our rehearsals.
The dates and locations of our rehearsals are posted on our Schedule page.
While at the rehearsal, if you're interested, you can sign-up then.
Or fill out our Online Application Here.

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