The Power Of Drum And Bugle Corps
In Pittsburgh, Pa.
Playing the music of the SCA Corps
f The 80's

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Anyone Having Better Copies Or
Shows Not Listed, E-mail
And I Will Put The mp3 File Here
Due To Copy Right Laws,
These Recordings Are For SCA Personal Use

Or Historical Use And Can Not Be Sold !

1981 DCA

1982 DCA

1983 DCA

1984 DCA

1985 DCA

1986 DCA

1987 DCA

1988 DCA

1989 DCA

1991 DCA

Alumni Era Started

2002  Shamrock Festival 8-24-02

2004  SCA Show At Norwin

2005  SCA Show At Archer Eppler

2007  SCA At Reading

2007 SCA Mini Corps At Harrisburg MCA

2008  SCA Reading

2008 SCA Brass Ensemble DCA I&E

2009 SCA Reading

2010 SCA Mini Corps Reading

Corps Re-Organization June 2011

2012  SCA 2-4-12 Avonworth PA

2012  SCA 4-28-12 Greese NY

2012  SCA 6-16-12 DuBois PA

2012  SCA 7-14-12 North East PA

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