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Last Update 12-11-11

To my friends from Steel City Ambassadors....It is with a heavy heart that I must notify you that  "Mr Entertainment,"  Sandy Mc Neil has died from lung cancer....RIP my friend, 
You will be dearly missed...

John G

Sandy Playing with Westshore at Serenade In Brass 2008 Click Part1  Click Part2

"Just Us Percussion" Pittsburgh Steelers Game 2005

Audio - Check out Sandy Playing In "Just Us Percussion"

6 songs there
Sandy  was a Life Member Of The Pa Drum Corps Hall Of Fame

I regret to inform you that on the morning of September 29th, Steel City Ambassador's long standing drum major and friend, Dom Mignogna, suffered a massive heart attack which ended his life suddenly. 
I am sorry to be the bearer of such sad news. 

Dom was a lifetime member of Pa Drum Corps Hall of Fame, and marched with Steel City and
Westmoreland Esquires for many many years.
Tom Mahan,
SCA Director

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but my Dad, loyal member of the Sharpsburg Cadets and the Sharpsburg Ambassadors and die-hard supporter of Steel city passed away today.

He was almost 90 years old and suffering from dementia for over two years.  He went quietly in his sleep and did not suffer.  My sister and I got to spend time with him at the end.

Please keep Clair in your thoughts and prayers the next few days.


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