Steel City Ambassadors
2006 Pictures

Last Update 1-9-07

New Look for 2006

Our Class A Uniform

Our Summer Hot Weather Uniform

Yankee Rebels Show 4-1-06
Baltimore, Md.

Picture from SunriserDM

Pictures From Rehearsal 4-23-06
Trafford, Pa.
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Trophy, First Place Pittsburgh St Patrick's Day Parade

Pictures From Archie Show 4-29-06
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Memorial Day Photos
Courtesy Of Terry Prosba
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Sewickley Pa. Parade 5-29-06




Coraopolis Pa. Parade 5-29-06



Ford City 7-1-06
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2006 Steel City Ambassadors Banquet Slide Show

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Other Events of 2006

In Memory Of Dennis W Graham
1942 - 2006
Denny Graham passed away Monday July 3 around 11:00 PM
He will be missed by all.
Denny was a drum corps person.
He helped to keep the drum corps alive in Pittsburgh Pa.
He was one of the founders of The STEEL CITY AMBASSADORS.
Dom Mignogna

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